Aug 24, 2010

Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

You have tried every possible slimming pill available in the market and have gone through different weight loss programs, but the question that probably keeps on bothering you is why you are still in your old plump body. The basic answer to your dilemma could be due to the dieting errors you are practicing. Before you continue your regimen, read on the article and see if you are doing these errors of dieting.
Meal Skipping
Diet enthusiasts think that to lose weight, you need to skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is the most common mistake in weight loss. It is true that you will lose more pounds on the first few days of doing it. However, this will lead to failure because you are giving your body the wrong impression, that is, to conserve energy. Because the brain is thinking that it has to prepare the body for the next starvation, it will command your individual cells to reduce their metabolism and conserve the energy they have. The effect is the exact opposite of your goal which is to increase your body's metabolism.
Taking Too Much of the Good Thing
When people tell you that apples are good for losing weight, it does not mean that you should only eat apples and forget other foods. If you focus too much on the "good thing," you deprive your body of other essential nutrients that it needs. Although you will lose weight for a month, it is impossible to sustain your diet. The chances of gaining back your old weight is higher.
Too Much Focus on Intake
You can lose weight even when you have the same amount of caloric intake for as long as you increase your energy output. The common mistake in weight loss is the too much stress on the intake of food and the energy output is just taken for granted which is just as important. If you want to be successful in your plan, complement it with the right amount of exercise.

Speaking of exercise, do some walking or take a hiking vacation. It is great to be outdoors whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter. When you happen to rent a cabin during your winter trip do not forget to bring a propane gas heater.

Aug 19, 2010

Dr. Laura Citizenship American Education Physiologist

Born Laura Catherine Schlessinger
January 16, 1947 (1947-01-16) (age 63)
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Residence Southern California
Other names Dr. Laura
Citizenship American
Education Physiologist
Alma mater Stony Brook University, B.S.
Columbia University, Ph.D
Occupation Radio advice show host, self-help author
Years active 15 years in national syndication[1]
Known for Socially conservative commentary
Religion Jewish[dubious – discuss]
Spouse(s) Michael F. Rudolph,
(m. 1972, div. 1976)[2]
Lewis G. Bishop (m. 1985)
Children Deryk Schlessinger (b. 1985)
Parents Monty (d. 1990, cancer)[3]
Yolanda (d. 2002, heart disease)
Awards Marconi Award, Genii, National Heritage, National Religious Broadcasters

Aug 18, 2010

How to Easily Get a Six Pack Abs to Be Proud of

How to Easily Get a Six Pack Abs to Be Proud of

Are you looking for a way to develop a flat and sexy six pack Then you have come to the right place. This is because you will find 8 steps here that will give you flat abs. Let's have a look at these steps and see how they can make your six pack dreams come true:

1. Get inspiration

Getting a six pack is a big task that will need some serious inspiration and motivation. To get your motivation, write down your top reasons for wanting a six pack and read them regularly. And for inspiration, keep a photo of a nice set of abs on your mirror or anywhere else where you can see it.

2. Plan how you are going to do it

Plan how you are going to achieve your dream of getting a six pack. This can be done by setting goals that are specific and realistic and that include diet, exercise and other goals and strategies.

3. Get a healthy, balanced diet that promotes fat loss

In order to get a six pack you will need a fat burning meal plan. Have a look at the available meal plans and choose on that is balanced and healthy and that promotes fat loss.

4. Choose cardio that you actually enjoy

Think about what cardio you would enjoy (think of 2 or 3 different ones) and include it in your cardio plan. Include cardio interval training 3 times a week for 20 minutes each in your exercise goals.

5. Get an effective weight training program

Have a look at the available weight training programs and choose on that do full body weight training and that look effective. Include weight training for 3 days a week in your exercise goals.

6. Get abs exercises that targets all the muscles of the abs

When you choose your abs specific exercises, make sure that you choose exercises for each part of your abs - your upper and lower abs and your obliques.

7. Strive to achieve your goals

Strive to complete every daily goal and make sure that you stick to your exercise and diet plans.

8. Be patient, dedicated and stay motivated

Building a six pack will take some time, so you have to be patient, be dedicated to your tasks and be motivated enough to complete your goals.

These steps will ensure that you get a six pack soon. Just exercise regularly and eat right and you will succeed.

Aug 16, 2010

Weight Loss Is One Of The Most Common Subjects Written About Online

Weight Loss Is One Of The Most Common Subjects Written About Online

Did you know that weight loss is one of the most pervasive subjects talked about online? It's a huge business for thousands of different marketers that are trying to earn money by promoting solutions for weight management.

Sometimes the secret is just as simple as allocating a few more minutes each day to exercise.

In our living room, where a TV would normally be, my wife and I have a Gazelle trainer... yeah, the one that Tony Little promotes on TV with his infomercials. We bought it on amazon for $161 and with a free trial to Amazon Prime the shipping was free.

We don't use it as much as we should though. Fortunately, we like to swim and try to make it a daily ritual of ours to visit the pool. And this is what I want to encourage you to do as well.

Take Time For Feeling Good Each Day

You know how it feels when you exercise? Doesn't it feel good after a while, and after you're finished? Of course it does, unless you're very out of shape, and in this case you're in trouble. But if you're like me and just a little out of shape, and you start exercising, you'll be feeling good for hours after.

So why don't we exercise a few minutes more each day? I know, I know... we get busy doing other things. Right now, I could be exercising, but instead I'm writing this article. So what should we do? Three suggestions.

1. Take 20 minutes less sleep. Z7MD8PWWRMRD It will be worth it, trust me. You will have more energy through the day from that 20 minutes of exercise than you would from 20 minutes of sleep.
2. Eat just one salad per day (if you're currently eating none). Get the little side salad from McDonalds for $1 - what a great place to start.
3. Figure out what are your own personal reasons to exercise. Why are you going to have more energy? Is it for you? Is it for your children? What's your motivation to do the first two steps?

Aug 13, 2010

3 Tips For Overweight Women

Obese and overweight women generally have a lot more health related problems do deal with than those who are not overweight. Furthermore they also tend to be more psychologically challenged when they bear the blunt of 'fat jokes'. Furthermore, for them to lose weight is even tougher than most people. Why? The extra fat provides them a better insulation and thus they have a lower metabolism rate. So to lose weight, they have to work twice as hard and it takes longer for them to do it. A study done by Professor John M. Jackie from the University of Pittsburgh concluded the above fact.
So what this mean for overweight women is that the normal stuffs about quick weight loss unfortunately doesn't apply to them. I sound like Dr Doom here but unfortunately that is the sad truth that overweight women have to face. The good news is that the study did show overweight women can lose the extra weight and maintain that weight loss. There is no starvation diet to follow. Studies also shown the overweight women doesn't necessary eat more than the rest of humanity. In fact, some of them do eat less than the average person. The problem is that they just burn less which is why they gain weight so easily. Now, I am going to tell you below those tips that the study had found to be workable.
Tip One: Limit the Calorie Intake
Because overweight women burn less than what they consume, they have to reduce the amount of calories that they consume. There is a need to substitute carbohydrates and fats for more protein and fibre. Both carbohydrates and fats should not form more than 30% of the daily dietary intake. Overweight women need to eat more lean meat and vegetables that are rich in fibres.
Tip Two: Increase the Amount of Physical Activities
On average, a women needs around 1500 to 1800 calories per day and more if they have to take care of children. The study shows that to SUSTAIN a 10% reduction in weight, overweight women need to exercise for an hour per day and for five (5) days in a week. Phew! That is a lot of work...or is it? Unfortunately, this is what overweight women have to go through if they want to lose weight. There is not point is glossing over the hard truth.
Tip Three: Be Realistic About the Weight Loss Goal
If you fall under the category of overweight women, a 10% weight reduction will do wonders for your health. Thus, focus more on the health benefits rather than the focus on what is unrealistic. Studies have shown losing just 10% of your body weight is good enough. Most weight loss plans sells on hype and are not realistic in their weight loss goal.

Aug 8, 2010

Miracle Cabbage Soup Diet - How Cheap Cabbage Might Turn Your Weight Loss Journey Around?

Miracle Cabbage Soup Diet - How Cheap Cabbage Might Turn Your Weight Loss Journey Around?

Miracle Cabbage Soup diet is a new, safer and an improved method to lose weight quick. And you have to believe me when I say that it's effective. It helps you to control your appetite and helps you eat healthy instead of all the fast foods and other processed foods which you usually find difficult to say No to! Cabbage provides your body with essential vitamins, fiber and other vital nutrients necessary for the body. You can even add up other vegetables in your soup to make it more nutritious. A soup which just fulfils all the body requirements - that's what the cabbage soup is! Moreover cabbage is cheap and it won't dig a hole in your pockets like other weight loss pills do. If it is safe, natural and an effective way to lose weight then why not give it a try?

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Cabbage Soup Diet

1. Preparation

Cut off about a 70 g of cabbage and boil it in about 240 ml of vegetable broth or normal water for around 5 minutes. You can add up any kind of vegetable of your choice along with the cabbage. Add salt and soya sauce or sesame oil to it. So that is how you prepare the soup.

2. Eat the soup before your lunch or dinner.

Eat it warm and have it everyday as per your wish. You can even continue to have it for the rest of your life as well. Replace your high fat foods with the soup and eat at least two bowls of soup everyday.

3. Stay away from the fatty meat.

I know you might have faced a lot of hard time in trying to restrain yourself in the past. But believe me the cabbage soup would help you perfectly in it. It helps to reduce the cravings for fatty meat.

Remember that you need to eat healthy for reduced weight. The diet is not limited for a particular period of time. You can continue its usage throughout your life. Miracle Cabbage Soup Diet can definitely be added to your to do list!

Aug 2, 2010

How to Lose Weight and Fat

When somebody calls you a couch potato, a giant elephant or a dull buffalo, it really hurts you. At that particular time, you strongly decide to make serious efforts to lose the fat. But in the very next moment, you forget your promise made to yourselves and begin to munch on the beloved junk without caring about the quantity of fat it contains. It is the point, the key point that may be a turning point in your life. You have to decide whether you wish to lose your fat only to get away from negative remarks or you want to be smart rather for a healthy, fit and wholesome life.

Perhaps you are not aware of the risks hidden in fats that are accumulated in your body. Fats are necessary for a good health, but their excessive accumulation causes indigestion, dyspepsia, diabetics and other complicated diseases. It also increases the level of bad cholesterol that sticks in the arteries, in turn resulting in reduction of blood circulation. Occurrence of sudden heart attacks is also due to these devil fats loaded on a bulky body. So if you are a victim of fats and want to get rid from this unnecessary burden on your personality, then lose your fat using the directions given here, as earlier as possible.

Here are some result oriented tips to lose fat in a very respectable manner without going crazy by spending huge amounts of money on expensive belts, electric vibrators and other such scam tools. There is also no need of dieting, since its adverse effects on human health have been proven by the health community.

Lose your fat in a few easy-to-follow, effective step by step crafted plan. It will convert your dull and lethargic personality into a smart, fit, good-looking and dynamic youthful persona. We planned it as "A Cool Plan to Get Smart"

Step-1: Beware of the Danger
It means that you must realize the actual danger concealed in the excessive deposits of fats. Only harsh remarks are not what need to be feared. The real danger is the loss of health which is most precious and valuable commodity than any other thing you cherish.

Step-2: Keep Your Eyes on the Weight Chart

A weight chart can easily be obtained either from net or your physician. This chart consists of suitable height and weight according to age and size. If you are capable of maintaining your weight according to the given chart, then no need to worry. You are absolutely healthy and slim person. A chart acquired from net is given below for your assistance:

Height - Healthy Weight Range (Pounds) - Kilograms
4'9" - 109-122 - 49-54
4'11" - 113-125 - 51-57
5'1" - 115-128 - 52-57
5'2" - 118-131 - 53-58
5'3" - 121-134 - 54-60
5'4" - 124-137 - 56-61
5'5" - 127-140 - 57-62
5'6" - 130-143 - 58-64
5'7" - 133-148 - 60-66
5'8" - 136-152 - 61-69
5'9" - 139-153 - 63-69
5'10" - 142-156 - 64-70
5'11" - 145-159 - 65-72
6'0" - 148-162 - 67-73

Height - Healthy Weight Range (pounds) - Kilograms
5'2" - 131-140 - 59-62
5'3" - 133-142 - 60-63
5'4" - 135-144 - 61-64
5'5" - 137-149 - 62-66
5'6" - 139-152 - 63-67
5'7" - 142-154 - 64-68
5'8" - 145-158 - 65-70
5'9" - 148-161 - 67-71
5'10" - 151-164 - 68-72
5'11" - 154-165 - 69-74
6'0" - 157-173 - 71-76
6'1" - 160-175 - 72-77
6'2" - 164-177 - 74-81
6'3" - 167-181 - 75-83
6'4" - 171-186 - 77-85

Step-3: Eat Healthy Food, Free from Fats
You should be well aware of the food items which are rich in fats. Pork, beef, mutton, butter, cheese, chocolate, eggs, milk, margarine and some dry fruits such as peanuts are enriched with fats. Though these are also necessary for health, by playing a vital role in grooming our body.The thing to do is just to say them goodbye for a span of time. However, good fats are your friend, which are found in fish oil, olive oil, mixed nuts etc. Only the bad fats are bad for your health, so avoid them. Do not consume Ice-cream, Pizza, Cheese Burger, Ham-burger and other such kind of junk food, since these contain bad fat that make you "FAT". You can surely eat them when you will be out of danger. A chart of food items rich in fats is provided here for your convenience.

Food and Fats Table
Food - Fats
Butter - 81%
Cheese - 32%
Mutton - 30%
Pork - 18%
Chicken - 11%

Step-4: Drink Water: Soft Drinks are bad for Health
Soft drinks contain high amounts of calories in the form of sucrose (Sugar), which make you bulky in a short time. Pure and fresh water is a blessing from God almighty. So drink water when you feel thirsty, even when you don't. It will keep you healthy and will make your skin fresh and glowing. Also it prevents from many stomach related problems like ulcers and acidity. Why spend money on soft drinks, while water is available in abundance for free or for a little fee. Juices may be taken frequently if you can afford them. They are healthy if available in pure form, i.e. free from artificial flavors and essences.

Step-5: Eat in Intervals Instead of Eating All in One Go
Make your habit to eat in small intervals of 3-4 hrs. Do not eat too much food in one sitting.You become lazy by overeating. Eating in intervals keeps you dynamic and ready for activity. Also do not forget to take breakfast daily and regularly.It is a best dietary practice and very good for your health.

Step-6: Exercise is better Than Cure

You should do exercise regularly and keep it going through out your life. Exercise means only "Exercise". Do not attempt to do exercises like athletes, body builders or weight lifters. Only a morning walk, a walk in garden after office time and a romantic walk with your spouse after dinner is enough to lose fats. If you have time, then light jogging in easy and fresh mood is recommended.

Step-7: Once You Get Smart, Keep it Dear

Once you get rid of the fats hidden in your body structure, then do not forget to follow the above steps. They really assist in keeping you ever young, slim and smart. If you reject the said plan, you reject a healthy life. If you do not lose fats, you are certainly going to lose your assets, the life you love!

How to Lose Weight in Three Weeks - 7 Tips to Lose Weight Safely

It is not going to be easy to lose weight the right way. As with anything in life it is going to require you to work hard at it and not give up. I want you to say to yourself that you can do this and nothing is going to stop you from losing the weight you want to not even that chocolate cake. Let's go over ten tips to show you how to lose weight in three weeks.

1. Stop eating junk foods

know we all love our junk foods but if you are going to be serious about losing weight and keeping it off then i want you to try to cut out the junk foods altogether. When you have a craving for something go for a banana or an apple.

2. Trade that Coke for water
Did you know that just one Coke has 150 calories and 40 grams of sugar. Now trade up that soft drink for a bottle of water. Water is a lot better for you and will help to clean out your system. Pure water does not have any calories in it.

3. Get eight hours of sleep
When you get a full nights rest you lose about a pound or two. This is because you perspire in your sleep. Following these step will help you with how to lose weight in three weeks.

4. Stop checking that scale everyday
When you check the scale everyday you are setting yourself up for failure. When you have not lost the weight that you want to you will be disappointed and start to lose hope that you can lose weight at all. It is better to check your scale about once or at the most twice a week.

5. Try to eat more whole grain foods
Try to put more fiber in your diet. A good diet plan to stick to is 3 servings of fruit and 6 servings of vegetables a day. Whole grain foods include pastas, breads, and cereals that are made with 100% whole grains. Other whole grain foods include brown rice, oatmeal, and wild rice.

6. Do one exercise a day
Try to do one exercise a day for 20 to 30 minutes. If you like walking, then take a walk for thirty minutes of the day. If your thing is to do aerobics in front of the TV while watching your favorite instructor then do that. The key here is to be consistent. Try to do one exercise everyday.

7. Do not eat one big meal a day
It is better to eat 6 small meals during the day. Smaller portions during the day will help your body to burn calories consistently throughout the day. These 7 tips should help you with how to lose weight in three weeks.

A Review of the Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios

Anyone who has tried to stay on a weight loss plan has to know that it is a difficult task. With all the processed foods and bad fats and bad carbohydrates in the American diet is seems to be virtually impossible to lose weight.

In the Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios, she shares with her readers the Three Principles for losing weight: 1)Know the exact foods that are preventing weight loss. 2) Know the exact foods that cause accelerated weight loss for your body. and 3) Put the right foods together in a certain way to create a weight burning effect.

With this diet you should lose 3-10 pounds in the first week and then go on to lose more weight in the next 30 days.

The book is divided up into three sections -

Part 1 - Talks about the mindset you must have to lose weight. It also tells how to determine your metabolic type. The facts about calories and the difference between weight loss and fat loss. It also talks about how you should plan your meals.

Part 2 - Informs the reader about organic vs conventional foods and good fats vs bad fats. It also give the truth about dairy, soy, and whole grains. The author also discusses sugar vs artificial sweeteners vs natural alternatives.

Part 3 - Has everything you need to measure your metabolic type. This section also contains detailed daily meals for each day. You will also find dietary charts, data, and meal journal templates. There is also a complete and detailed shopping list. The author also included quick and delicious recipes for helping you along the way.

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has helped over 30,000 people all over the world to lose weight. Isabel found her passion for nutrition as a teenager. She was overweight as a teenager with a family history of diabetes. Instead of accepting her fate she decided to search for ways to solve her and her families' health problems. The Diet Solution Program is one result of her work.

All in all, this is a diet for the long term. This is not a silly fad diet that only works in the short term. This diet causes you to go through a complete lifestyle change and it causes you to look at the food you eat differently. This diet takes a holistic approach because it benefits the whole body and it does not just focus on weight loss. This diet wont just make you look better but also feel better too.

How Does Water Help You Lose Weight Quickly?

We all drink water every day, in addition to food; water is one of the basic conditions of the human body to function properly. The average person needs to drink several glasses of water a day to maintain adequate hydration. If you are overweight, and hopefully the thought of losing weight, you should be glad that you can use water as a primary ingredient in your weight loss program. Water helps you lose weight quickly in two important ways

1. First water helps fill the cavity of the stomach, making it very difficult for you to eat many foods at the same time. Many overweight people are not all entered in their physical condition by eating too unenviable.

They prefer to eat meals reckless mountain size, morning, noon and night. And generally, they would top this with extra meals in between. Now, it is not good for your weight, unless you plan to become a sumo wrestler!

The best thing to do is to eat small amounts of food to prolong each meal with a glass or two of water. Not only does this help digestion of the food, but the water makes you feel 'full' quickly, thereby preventing you from eating too much food.

2. Water can help you lose weight in a different way. The normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Each time you drink a glass of cool water with temperatures averaging 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less, the mechanisms of the body moving quickly to restore body temperature reduced temporarily back to normal 98.6 degrees.

The body burns calories when you do that. It is estimated that if you drink eight glasses of cold water a day, your body burns 60 calories every day in this process. That totals up to nearly 500 calories a week.

It is therefore reasonable to include drinking plenty of cold water in your weight loss program per day.

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Easily by Running

One efficient way of losing weight quickly and easily is by running. It is an easy form of exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. With running, one does not need to use fitness equipment in order to lose weight. The only thing one needs is a pair of good running shoes and a comfortable running attire.

If your goal is to lose weight fast then you should calculate how much weight you want to lose. By knowing your target weight you can plan your running, how many miles you want to run and how many times per week.

It is easy to run but the difficult thing about it is to stay motivated. In order to stay motivated in your goal of losing weight by running, you have to prepare a few things before you start. First make a schedule that is easy and convenient to you. Write down your schedule and place it somewhere where you can easily see it. Plan ahead of time for the coming week, mark your calendar and make sure your running plan is something that you can stick with. Do not plan to run more miles than you can handle the first time. If you plan to run three to four times a week then doing three miles per run will be enough.

You can also alternate your routine from jogging to running every few weeks so you can keep your running challenging.

You run to lose weight but running also needs energy so be sure to eat properly when you start this exercise. You will also feel that you want to eat more after running, you can eat but you should be careful of what you eat. Just because you are running and losing weight now does not mean you can just eat as much as you can.
To make your weight loss plan more effective, adding a 100% natural daily supplement that is a natural fat binder, totally organic and with no known side effects can also be helpful in your goal of losing weight fast. So a combination of a good running routine, healthy eating habits and a daily intake of a natural weight loss supplement will surely be effective in reaching your goal of being slim, healthy and confident!

Losing Weight Safely - Dieting Without Death

Losing weight safely should be a concern for anyone who is determined to go on a diet with the intention of shedding unwanted pounds. This subject is especially timely because of the proliferation of fad diets that tend to focus on fast weight loss with little regard for health or safety.

Often these diet plans will be endorsed by this or that celebrity and many of them are connected to new age thinking. In reality, despite the names they currently go by, they are just a rehash of old ritualisms that occasionally get recycled back into the mainstream of society. All of them have the potential to produce unhealthy side effects in addition to whatever positive benefits they may claim. Watch out for these telltale warning signs:
A diet that allows a very limited variety of foods. Eg. all meat, all juice, all carbs. There is actually a fast food diet out there. Or how about the "cookie "diet. Use your common sense. It should be obvious to any thinking person that these diets are unnatural and unhealthy.
Promotes excessive water consumption. While water is an important element in any diet plan, it is not a primary food group and should not be treated as such. Water consumption in excessive quantities can have the pesky side effect of "death."
An unusual or unnatural regimen. Eg. Fasting every third day and eating what you want the rest of the time, or minimal consumption all day and loading up at night.
A diet that boasts that you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods and still lose weight. Now stop and think about this one. If this were true would we need to be dieting in the first place? How can I go from eating all my favorite foods and gaining tons of weight to eating all my favorite foods and losing tons of weight? If pizza caused me to be 20 pounds overweight, then eating more pizza will not enable me to lose those same 20 pounds. Again, it's just common sense, and I personally would have to question the sanity of anyone making such claims. The fact is that people are gullible and buy into these claims every single day.
Natural or unnatural supplements. A pill is a pill, and a shake is a shake. They are not natural and they will affect your body in negative ways, guaranteed.
Celebrity endorsements. Regretfully most of what is being promoted by household names is bogus. Don't get sucked into the "Hollywood" sales pitch. If a celebrity is endorsing it, I would have to think long and hard before buying into it. Not true in every case, just a general guideline.
Safe weight loss will always be a measured approach. What I mean is that it will not boast of excessive promises. Claims of phenomenal weight loss within very short time spans should be an immediate tip off that something is not right.

The way to losing weight safely will always be slow and methodical. The body is capable of adjusting to reasonable changes in diet, especially if those changes focus on natural weight loss without the use of pills or other artificial aids.

Natural weight loss means eliminating the source of unwanted poundage, namely processed foods, fast foods and foods that are excessively high in calorie or fat content. Replacing those culprits with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat will enable anyone to safely lose as much weight as they want.

The only side effect to be experienced from such a diet would be the occasional craving for previously cherished foods that are now on the no-no list. Those cravings are temporary and once the body has adjusted to its new regimen it will never wish to return to its formerly unhealthy lifestyle.

Losing weight safely can be accomplished through a balanced, common sense diet. The pounds will come off gradually over a period of weeks and months and negative side effects will be non-existent. The individual engaged in such a diet will experience many positive changes of both mind and body, and will not long for a return to the former lifestyle.
I like safe, "easy" weight loss because if it's safe I won't die and if it's easy I can do it, and so can anybody.

The Down Climb

This may sound ridiculous, but believe me, I did it myself and the results are quite outstanding. The seemingly ridiculous method to lose weight is-stair climbing. We seem to disregard staircases and use only elevators for their convenience and speed-to such an extent that stairs are a necessity only because of emergencies. Well obviously I am not suggesting that to reach the 63rd floor you should take the stairs to burn of the heavy breakfast-that would probably make you late, and tremendously sweaty for your presentation or meeting or whatever the agenda is.

My point is, stair climbing is very efficient. In about twenty minutes of climbing, you could probably burn the same amount as an hour or more on a treadmill. And people have the wrong notion that climbing stairs is bad for the joints-particularly the knees. Actually, climbing down is what gets to the knees. So I would say if there's a long line outside the elevator to go down from the 63rd floor, stick to the line.

So, the seemingly preposterous work out has to start small. This varies from person to person, but the important point is to not exhaust your self. 5 floors as a start can work quite well. Try timing the climb. Start off by just walking up the stairs-don't get adventurous by trying to run up on the 1st attempt. Stop for the day. The next day, try to improve on the timing of the previous. Stick to the same number of floors until you reach a point when you can run (by run, I don't mean a full blown sprint) up the stairs at a maximum possible speed.

For a few days, just stick to the same number and keep on running, until your fitness reaches a point where you are just about breathing heavily.

Before I go ahead, I should add something of great importance. WARM UP BEFORE YOU START. A few simple stretches indoors, and even a small walk is sufficient, because you wouldn't want your muscles to cramp up when you climb.

Increase the number of floors by 1, and run up the original number which you are accustomed to, and walk up the last one. Repeat for a few days and then run up all. Pretty soon, you would be able to double and triple the number of floors.

At one point, this ridiculous work out made me lose 5 kilograms in a matter of 2-3 weeks, at which point I could climb 95 floors in 25 minutes, including the time it takes to go back down, and the breaks (going down by elevator obviously).

I would like to elaborate on the "breaks" that I mentioned above. If you can climb 20 or even 30 floors at a stretch, good for you. Otherwise, take fixed intervals to take breaks, catch your breath (by that I mean a minute or two, not 1 hour) and climb again.

Acai Berry Pills and Weight Loss - The Myths, Cons and the Truth

The Internet, TV and magazines continue to be awash with adverts and features about the so-called "superfood" of herbal supplements, acai berries. But there are so many myths and misinformation about acai berry pills and juices that it is important to distinguish the myths from the truth.

Here's a few facts that you may not know:

What are acai berries?

Quite simply, they are the deep purple-coloured, grape-like fruit of the Acai Palm, a species of palm native to Central and South America. They are packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids and a chemical called Anthocyanin. This is also the chemical in red wine, one reason why health experts suggest drinking red wine.

The health benefits of these berries have led to a recent explosion in the marketing of acai-based dietary supplements in the form of pills, capsules, tablets, juice, smoothies, yogurt and instant drink powders.

The health benefits of acai berries

The fruit is known to have a number of health-giving qualities, including:
1. a high concentration of antioxidants that help to fight premature aging. It is said to have 10 times the antioxidants that red grapes have, and as much as 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine. Anthocyanins are believed to help fight cancer, diabetes, and bacterial infection.
2. an amino acid complex and trace minerals that combine to help promote muscular health.
3. body-detoxing, pH balancing and energy-increasing qualities.
4. lots of monounsaturated fats, dietary fibre and phytosterols that combine to help cardiovascular and digestive health.

Acai berry scams

Unfortunately, the hype around this "superfood" has led to a host of scams being perpetrated - all in the name of making a fast buck. Here are the most common ones:

1. The health benefit claims: Despite the undoubted health-improving potential of the original fruit, manufacturers continue to make a number of unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of the acai berry products including false claims of the reversal of diabetes and other chronic illnesses and the increasing of sexual virility.

In addition, the wide range of products sold on the market all vary in the concentration of the active ingredients and the presence of (sometimes) a long list of other ingredients, so the effectiveness of many of these products is often questionable.

2. Free Acai Berry Pills: A number of websites have sprung up on the Internet offering free trials of Acai berry supplements for just a small charge to cover shipping and handling.

This sounds like a great idea, but read the small print! You may not realise it, but you may actually be signing up to continue receiving the product - at full price - on a ongoing basis. Many people have experienced difficulties in cancelling their credit card payments and have racked up hundreds of dollars worth of charges.

3. Acai Berry Pyramid Schemes: Although there are legitimate MLM schemes involving acai-based products, there are also a few that have become popular whilst peddling extremely expensive products and requiring new recruits to invest a lot of money upfront to get into the program - creating huge profits for the those at the top of the pyramid.

4. The celebrity endorsement: A common scam in the marketing of acai berry products is the "celebrity endorsement claim, often involving Oprah, Dr Oz and superstars such as Britney Spears. Many of these claims are bogus and Oprah Winfrey's company has filed lawsuits against acai supplement suppliers in a bid to put an end to these devious practices.

The Acai weight loss scam

Despite the undoubted health benefits of acai berries and the probable usefulness of some of the products manufactured using this fruit, there is one particular scam being perpetrated on desperate and vulnerable people that is creating millions of dollars of revenue for the manufacturers - and that is the weight loss scam.

There are many shelves full of expensive acai-based products that are being marketed as weight loss supplements. Whilst the high fibre composition of the fruit may help to curb appetite, the stark reality is that - up to July 2010 - there is no scientific evidence to prove that consumption of these products will affect body weight or promote weight loss.

Are You Lean Or Skinny Fat?

The saying "Looks can be deceiving" is truthful not only in social situations, but in the fitness industry as well. Many people can appear to be slim and have a healthy weight for their height yet can be deceptively high on the body fat percentage scale. If you are carrying extra body fat around, you could be at risk from a variety of health-related problems that are associated with obesity.

While the term "skinny fat" may sound unfamiliar, it is estimated that over 10 percent of the American population may fall into this category. To check if you fall into the skinny fat category, determine what your body fat percentage is. Anything higher than 20 percent for a male aged 20 - 40 or over 31 percent for a female aged 20 - 40 constitutes an overweight or potentially "skinny fat" person.

Not only does a high body fat percentage signal a "skinny fat" person, a waistline of above 33" can cause health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and increased cholesterol.

Changing your body from skinny fat to lean, especially since you already have achieved the basic lean profile, will only be a matter of adding in 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, five days per week - and that 30 minutes doesn't even need to be consecutive. Once your body has become accustomed to the quick pace of a power walk, adding in a day or two per week of high intensity interval training can be a great way to trim fat.

The best way, bar none, to tackle a higher body fat percentage problem is to lift weights. Normal weight training will help you burn fat and gain muscle mass, which can ultimately help quicken your metabolism. A faster metabolism means that you will burn more calories on a continuous basis and that there is less of a chance of you storing fat as opposed to burning it off as energy.

To burn the most calories and fat, aim for multi-joint or compound movements which utilize more than one muscle group at a time. Good examples of compound movements include squats and lunges, chest presses, chest flys, rows and even deadlifts. These types of movements also provide the perfect stimulus for muscle growth when each set is performed with a weight that pushes to momentary muscle failure. This means pushing each set to the point where you wouldn't be able to do one more rep with good form. Only with enough stimulus will you push your muscles enough to experience results that will change your body from "skinny fat" to lean and defined.

How to Lose 10 Lbs Quickly and Fast - 4 Tips to Help You Lose 10 Lbs Quickly and Fast

Follow these simple tips to get ideas on how to lose 10 lbs quickly and fast:

1. Set Several Short Term Weight Loss Goals Instead of One Long Term Goal

Lots of people set themselves an "impossible" goal for how much weight they want to lose in how short a time. You can lose 10 lbs quickly and fast, but setting a big goal with a short time frame can actually make it harder to reach the goal because you always seem to be trying hard and never getting there.

So what you need to do is to break down your goal (the "impossible" one) into smaller short term goals, so for example instead of losing 50 lbs in a month, you might go for 5 lbs a week until you have lost 50 lbs. This will give you a sense of achievement whenever you reach one of your smaller goals, and makes it easier for you to get to your "impossible" goal.

2. Change Processed Foods For Raw Foods

Get rid of processed white foods such as pasta, rice, and bread. Then replace them with delicious raw foods like fruit, vegetables, pulses and nuts.

Now your first thought may be "What am I going to eat?" Don't worry about it - just make a list of all the raw foods you can think of, and start coming up with ideas on how you can put them together to make a filling (and healthy) meal.

You can start by introducing foods such as fruit and nuts as your snacks instead of cakes, donuts, bread, or whatever you currently eat, and make sure to include a good sized portion of salad as a healthy side to your meals.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Try adding some lemon juice to your water. It will help to detoxify your liver, and a cleaner liver will help you to shift some of that weight off of your body.

Drinking water is important for your overall health as well as for your weight. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. To find out how much water you actually need to drink though, do this simple calculation. Divide your body weight by two, the result is how many ounces of water you should drink in a day, e.g. you weigh 200 lbs, so 200 divided by 2 is 100, that means you should drink 100 ounces of water in a day.

4. Change Inactivity and Junk Food Snacking for Activity

Do you have a habit of snacking on junk food when you don't have anything else to do? This is called eating out of boredom. If so, you need to get busy with some physical activity. That way you won't get bored and you won't snack on junk foods.

As an added bonus, when you are busy with something physical, like a sport, or jogging, or trampolining, or even mowing the lawn or chopping wood, you also burn off extra calories. It's a win-win situation (except for the guys who make money out of selling you junk food snacks).

Check Out Our Ancestors If You Cannot Lose Weight

So you cannot lose weight no matter what you do, you're even eating less, but still can't shift it. You go down the gym and start exercising only to be told you're fit and fat. So what do you do and what is the solution? Is there a diet out there that will really work?

Your answers to most of these questions will be answered by going back to the Cave men and the Stone Age. There weren't too many John Candy look alike in those days any fast food outlets and no mansions to live in but they were very healthy people indeed. Why you may ask obviously the lifestyle of clubbing Saber Tooth Tigers and Mamouth Walrus's to death meant they got plenty of exercise and with no cows to kill or farm Milk products were in short supply. If a Caveman saw a cow he would just think Steak!

Basically there diet was a very simple one Meat, Vegetables and Fruit and little else. No eggs on toast for breakfast and the reality is that holds true today but obviously food and dietary habits have somewhat moved on. If however you cannot lose weight then why not try the caveman diet it will certainly help you lose weight. If you want to also couple that with exercise you might be surprised with the results and it's a very simple formula if you burn off more calories than you eat then you will lose weight.

There is no doubt this will work for you but in reality as we live in 2010 and not in the stone age there is a better approach and that is to take the basis of the caveman diet and add modern science to it such as looking at your own metabolism and getting professional advice from people who know about fast fat reduction diets. So if you cannot lose weight why not take the first steps to a diet that will work.

Weight Loss Meal Plans For Women Who Actually Want To Get Results

There are many crazy weight loss meal plans for women out there. Some will tell you to eat nothing but 1 glass of lemonade, others will tell you that you can eat chocolate and lose weight, and others will tell you that you can lose weight by simply eating baby or dog food. Essentially these are nothing but gimmicks. If you can think of it...there's probably someone trying to push a diet program saying you can lose weight with it.

It can be anything...for example...they can "create" a meal plan that has you eat pencil erasers...why pencil erasers? simple...apparently they are the only person in the world who has discovered the secret that the rubber in pencil erasers causes massive fat loss in women....and the reason you haven't heard about it before?'s a conspiracy...the big bad weight loss companies don't want you to know this secret.

Now you are probably laughing right now, but sadly being overweight is such a touchy subject, that many women fall for these scams.

Unfortunately, there are no simple weight loss meal plans for women. Every woman is different. If you are 200 are going to literally kill yourself if you follow a plan designed for a 150 lb woman. And if you reverse that, the 150 lb woman is going to gain a ton of weight. This is why all these one size fits all diets just plain don't work. You either harm your body or you gain more pounds. And you really do hurt yourself. If you go on a starvation diet, you'll get gallstones, lose muscle mass and will start losing hair. Essentially the cure is worse than the disease.

So if you are looking for good weight loss meal plans for women, you need to follow a meal plan designed specifically for you. With your custom plan, you'll finally be able to lose weight and get the results you need.