Aug 2, 2010

Losing Weight Safely - Dieting Without Death

Losing weight safely should be a concern for anyone who is determined to go on a diet with the intention of shedding unwanted pounds. This subject is especially timely because of the proliferation of fad diets that tend to focus on fast weight loss with little regard for health or safety.

Often these diet plans will be endorsed by this or that celebrity and many of them are connected to new age thinking. In reality, despite the names they currently go by, they are just a rehash of old ritualisms that occasionally get recycled back into the mainstream of society. All of them have the potential to produce unhealthy side effects in addition to whatever positive benefits they may claim. Watch out for these telltale warning signs:
A diet that allows a very limited variety of foods. Eg. all meat, all juice, all carbs. There is actually a fast food diet out there. Or how about the "cookie "diet. Use your common sense. It should be obvious to any thinking person that these diets are unnatural and unhealthy.
Promotes excessive water consumption. While water is an important element in any diet plan, it is not a primary food group and should not be treated as such. Water consumption in excessive quantities can have the pesky side effect of "death."
An unusual or unnatural regimen. Eg. Fasting every third day and eating what you want the rest of the time, or minimal consumption all day and loading up at night.
A diet that boasts that you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods and still lose weight. Now stop and think about this one. If this were true would we need to be dieting in the first place? How can I go from eating all my favorite foods and gaining tons of weight to eating all my favorite foods and losing tons of weight? If pizza caused me to be 20 pounds overweight, then eating more pizza will not enable me to lose those same 20 pounds. Again, it's just common sense, and I personally would have to question the sanity of anyone making such claims. The fact is that people are gullible and buy into these claims every single day.
Natural or unnatural supplements. A pill is a pill, and a shake is a shake. They are not natural and they will affect your body in negative ways, guaranteed.
Celebrity endorsements. Regretfully most of what is being promoted by household names is bogus. Don't get sucked into the "Hollywood" sales pitch. If a celebrity is endorsing it, I would have to think long and hard before buying into it. Not true in every case, just a general guideline.
Safe weight loss will always be a measured approach. What I mean is that it will not boast of excessive promises. Claims of phenomenal weight loss within very short time spans should be an immediate tip off that something is not right.

The way to losing weight safely will always be slow and methodical. The body is capable of adjusting to reasonable changes in diet, especially if those changes focus on natural weight loss without the use of pills or other artificial aids.

Natural weight loss means eliminating the source of unwanted poundage, namely processed foods, fast foods and foods that are excessively high in calorie or fat content. Replacing those culprits with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat will enable anyone to safely lose as much weight as they want.

The only side effect to be experienced from such a diet would be the occasional craving for previously cherished foods that are now on the no-no list. Those cravings are temporary and once the body has adjusted to its new regimen it will never wish to return to its formerly unhealthy lifestyle.

Losing weight safely can be accomplished through a balanced, common sense diet. The pounds will come off gradually over a period of weeks and months and negative side effects will be non-existent. The individual engaged in such a diet will experience many positive changes of both mind and body, and will not long for a return to the former lifestyle.
I like safe, "easy" weight loss because if it's safe I won't die and if it's easy I can do it, and so can anybody.

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