Aug 13, 2010

3 Tips For Overweight Women

Obese and overweight women generally have a lot more health related problems do deal with than those who are not overweight. Furthermore they also tend to be more psychologically challenged when they bear the blunt of 'fat jokes'. Furthermore, for them to lose weight is even tougher than most people. Why? The extra fat provides them a better insulation and thus they have a lower metabolism rate. So to lose weight, they have to work twice as hard and it takes longer for them to do it. A study done by Professor John M. Jackie from the University of Pittsburgh concluded the above fact.
So what this mean for overweight women is that the normal stuffs about quick weight loss unfortunately doesn't apply to them. I sound like Dr Doom here but unfortunately that is the sad truth that overweight women have to face. The good news is that the study did show overweight women can lose the extra weight and maintain that weight loss. There is no starvation diet to follow. Studies also shown the overweight women doesn't necessary eat more than the rest of humanity. In fact, some of them do eat less than the average person. The problem is that they just burn less which is why they gain weight so easily. Now, I am going to tell you below those tips that the study had found to be workable.
Tip One: Limit the Calorie Intake
Because overweight women burn less than what they consume, they have to reduce the amount of calories that they consume. There is a need to substitute carbohydrates and fats for more protein and fibre. Both carbohydrates and fats should not form more than 30% of the daily dietary intake. Overweight women need to eat more lean meat and vegetables that are rich in fibres.
Tip Two: Increase the Amount of Physical Activities
On average, a women needs around 1500 to 1800 calories per day and more if they have to take care of children. The study shows that to SUSTAIN a 10% reduction in weight, overweight women need to exercise for an hour per day and for five (5) days in a week. Phew! That is a lot of work...or is it? Unfortunately, this is what overweight women have to go through if they want to lose weight. There is not point is glossing over the hard truth.
Tip Three: Be Realistic About the Weight Loss Goal
If you fall under the category of overweight women, a 10% weight reduction will do wonders for your health. Thus, focus more on the health benefits rather than the focus on what is unrealistic. Studies have shown losing just 10% of your body weight is good enough. Most weight loss plans sells on hype and are not realistic in their weight loss goal.

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