Aug 2, 2010

How to Lose Weight and Fat

When somebody calls you a couch potato, a giant elephant or a dull buffalo, it really hurts you. At that particular time, you strongly decide to make serious efforts to lose the fat. But in the very next moment, you forget your promise made to yourselves and begin to munch on the beloved junk without caring about the quantity of fat it contains. It is the point, the key point that may be a turning point in your life. You have to decide whether you wish to lose your fat only to get away from negative remarks or you want to be smart rather for a healthy, fit and wholesome life.

Perhaps you are not aware of the risks hidden in fats that are accumulated in your body. Fats are necessary for a good health, but their excessive accumulation causes indigestion, dyspepsia, diabetics and other complicated diseases. It also increases the level of bad cholesterol that sticks in the arteries, in turn resulting in reduction of blood circulation. Occurrence of sudden heart attacks is also due to these devil fats loaded on a bulky body. So if you are a victim of fats and want to get rid from this unnecessary burden on your personality, then lose your fat using the directions given here, as earlier as possible.

Here are some result oriented tips to lose fat in a very respectable manner without going crazy by spending huge amounts of money on expensive belts, electric vibrators and other such scam tools. There is also no need of dieting, since its adverse effects on human health have been proven by the health community.

Lose your fat in a few easy-to-follow, effective step by step crafted plan. It will convert your dull and lethargic personality into a smart, fit, good-looking and dynamic youthful persona. We planned it as "A Cool Plan to Get Smart"

Step-1: Beware of the Danger
It means that you must realize the actual danger concealed in the excessive deposits of fats. Only harsh remarks are not what need to be feared. The real danger is the loss of health which is most precious and valuable commodity than any other thing you cherish.

Step-2: Keep Your Eyes on the Weight Chart

A weight chart can easily be obtained either from net or your physician. This chart consists of suitable height and weight according to age and size. If you are capable of maintaining your weight according to the given chart, then no need to worry. You are absolutely healthy and slim person. A chart acquired from net is given below for your assistance:

Height - Healthy Weight Range (Pounds) - Kilograms
4'9" - 109-122 - 49-54
4'11" - 113-125 - 51-57
5'1" - 115-128 - 52-57
5'2" - 118-131 - 53-58
5'3" - 121-134 - 54-60
5'4" - 124-137 - 56-61
5'5" - 127-140 - 57-62
5'6" - 130-143 - 58-64
5'7" - 133-148 - 60-66
5'8" - 136-152 - 61-69
5'9" - 139-153 - 63-69
5'10" - 142-156 - 64-70
5'11" - 145-159 - 65-72
6'0" - 148-162 - 67-73

Height - Healthy Weight Range (pounds) - Kilograms
5'2" - 131-140 - 59-62
5'3" - 133-142 - 60-63
5'4" - 135-144 - 61-64
5'5" - 137-149 - 62-66
5'6" - 139-152 - 63-67
5'7" - 142-154 - 64-68
5'8" - 145-158 - 65-70
5'9" - 148-161 - 67-71
5'10" - 151-164 - 68-72
5'11" - 154-165 - 69-74
6'0" - 157-173 - 71-76
6'1" - 160-175 - 72-77
6'2" - 164-177 - 74-81
6'3" - 167-181 - 75-83
6'4" - 171-186 - 77-85

Step-3: Eat Healthy Food, Free from Fats
You should be well aware of the food items which are rich in fats. Pork, beef, mutton, butter, cheese, chocolate, eggs, milk, margarine and some dry fruits such as peanuts are enriched with fats. Though these are also necessary for health, by playing a vital role in grooming our body.The thing to do is just to say them goodbye for a span of time. However, good fats are your friend, which are found in fish oil, olive oil, mixed nuts etc. Only the bad fats are bad for your health, so avoid them. Do not consume Ice-cream, Pizza, Cheese Burger, Ham-burger and other such kind of junk food, since these contain bad fat that make you "FAT". You can surely eat them when you will be out of danger. A chart of food items rich in fats is provided here for your convenience.

Food and Fats Table
Food - Fats
Butter - 81%
Cheese - 32%
Mutton - 30%
Pork - 18%
Chicken - 11%

Step-4: Drink Water: Soft Drinks are bad for Health
Soft drinks contain high amounts of calories in the form of sucrose (Sugar), which make you bulky in a short time. Pure and fresh water is a blessing from God almighty. So drink water when you feel thirsty, even when you don't. It will keep you healthy and will make your skin fresh and glowing. Also it prevents from many stomach related problems like ulcers and acidity. Why spend money on soft drinks, while water is available in abundance for free or for a little fee. Juices may be taken frequently if you can afford them. They are healthy if available in pure form, i.e. free from artificial flavors and essences.

Step-5: Eat in Intervals Instead of Eating All in One Go
Make your habit to eat in small intervals of 3-4 hrs. Do not eat too much food in one sitting.You become lazy by overeating. Eating in intervals keeps you dynamic and ready for activity. Also do not forget to take breakfast daily and regularly.It is a best dietary practice and very good for your health.

Step-6: Exercise is better Than Cure

You should do exercise regularly and keep it going through out your life. Exercise means only "Exercise". Do not attempt to do exercises like athletes, body builders or weight lifters. Only a morning walk, a walk in garden after office time and a romantic walk with your spouse after dinner is enough to lose fats. If you have time, then light jogging in easy and fresh mood is recommended.

Step-7: Once You Get Smart, Keep it Dear

Once you get rid of the fats hidden in your body structure, then do not forget to follow the above steps. They really assist in keeping you ever young, slim and smart. If you reject the said plan, you reject a healthy life. If you do not lose fats, you are certainly going to lose your assets, the life you love!

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